Yes To You

Forced (thesis) proximity. Fake wedding date. Flirty, younger guy. Sibling’s best friend and the one that got away. No matter the journey and pitfalls, it all leads to happy-ever-after.

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First Time for Everything

During lockdown, good friends Sabrina and Victor spent a few days together in the same apartment. She was starting a cafe; he was teaching her some of his family’s recipes. They made sandwiches, then made out, and almost had sex. At 39 years old, it would have been her first time. She panicked, fled, and did not return any of his calls or messages.

That night looked like a rejection, but Victor was never mad at Sabrina about it. They’d known each other for a long time, and if anything had happened he would have failed a relationship anyway. He was already everything to everyone, from keeping the family business running, to being the reliable eldest son while the world was seemingly on fire. No time to fall in love, even with one of his favorite people.

Two years later, Victor gets a call from Sabrina who asks if they could possibly try again. Which part? Everything.

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Pawfect For You

Pa-meow-manhikan (The Propawsal) by Danice Mae P. Sison (grumpy x sunshine, idiots in like, heat level 2, adult)

Puppy Love by Ines Bautista-Yao (extrovert x introvert, second chance romance, heat level 0, adult)

Best Days Ever by Tara Frejas (royalty x commoner, second chance romance, heat level 3, adult)

Safe Haven by Celestine Trinidad (can’t remember anything x remembers too much, best friend’s sibling, heat level 0, adult)

Furever With You by Angel C. Aquino (confident x shy & awkward, forced proximity, heat level 0, adult)

No Touching by Jay E. Tria (tall & timid x small & feisty, reluctant helper, opposites attract, heat level 3, adult)

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RomanceClass and Komiket’s first comics anthology KILIG contains 14 romance stories by 22 Filipino creators. Explore kilig in its many forms: first crushes, second chances, enduring love, from the very personal to the collective, shared thrills.

  • Panaginip ng Pag-Ibig by Marianie
  • Cat in the Bag by Sumikiyo and Munppence
  • Tuesday Mornings by Hench Dulin
  • Egg Soup Sunday by Fay Sebastian and Arli Pagaduan
  • tan by Me by Suzette de Borja and Gianne Rabena
  • Raise the Curtain by Alexandra Sevilla
  • Doctor Congeniality by Celestine Trinidad and Liza S. De la Cruz
  • Unang Lakad by marmastry
  • OTW by Danice Mae P. Sison and ydbugs
  • Under the Apocalypse Sun by Cee and Ghost
  • Against the Current by Yugen and Zee Dino
  • One True Plant by Carla de Guzman and Liza S. De la Cruz
  • Ikaw Pa Rin by Chapy Fadullon
  • Last Minute Love You by Milo Galang and Cris Santos.

More info about this anthology here! KILIG anthology from RomanceClass and Komiket

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Some Bali to Love

Ava Bonifacio’s plan was simple—attend her friends’ engagement party, look good, toast the happy couple and get out. What she hadn’t planned on was kissing Scott Sabio in front of the entire party to ward off the jerk her friend was trying to set her up with. Scott, who she hasn’t seen or spoken to in nine years. Scott, who used to know absolutely everything about Ava.

The kiss makes it a little hard to execute the ‘get out’ part of her plan. Especially when her bride-to-be friend announces her brilliant idea—a five day, all expenses paid trip for their little barkada to Bali to shoot content for her vlog—and Ava’s pride and pettiness refuses to back down on the fake boyfriend ruse she already started.

Scott’s more than happy to spend time with an old friend. He hadn’t exactly expected that she would speak to him, let alone fake date him after he ghosted her nine years ago. But as the unBalievable sun starts to rise and sets in Ava’s eyes, Scott dares to hope in a future for them, one beyond the beach shores.

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Feels Like Home

Eighteen-year-old Clara Liwanag is a small-town girl with a big dream: to be a hard-hitting national news reporter. The only problem? She’s been stuck at her family’s resort in Pampanga her whole life. So she makes a foolproof plan to achieve her goal. Step One, check: Get a scholarship to study in Manila—the place where all the action is.

What’s not part of The Plan? Meeting basketball heartthrob and aspiring photographer Mickey King. He’s annoying, distracting, and always manages to catch Clara at her worst. But as much as she hates to admit it, he has a sweet, caring side that makes her think twice.

When Clara starts struggling in school and her plan falls apart, she wonders if she should have listened to her parents and stayed closer to home. Should she give up and go back—or face her fears in a city that could break her heart and her spirit?

This novel is part of the #RomanceClassFlicker series, but can be read as a standalone.

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Love To Meet You

Expectations vs. Reality

At 33, career woman Sol Trinidad wasn’t really looking for anything other than a fun evening when she attended the fan meet of hot Korean celebrity Nam Jihun. She certainly wasn’t expecting to get up close and personal with the actor—like rolling-in-the-sheets-until-dawn personal. It was just one night after all. She will never see him again and he’ll forget about her soon enough. Right?

Manila was supposed to be just one of the many cities in 30-year old Nam Jihun’s work itinerary. Just like in any other city, he was excited to greet his fans. Then he met Sol, someone who had a knack for throwing all his expectations out the window. Romance wasn’t in his schedule, but he wants to keep seeing her again, if only she and his celebrity trappings would let him.

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Take Two

VJ Locsin is six months away from her 40th birthday and so far, nothing in her life has gone according to plan. Instead of being an executive TV producer and the jetsetter she envisioned herself to be, she is working 12-hour shifts as a housekeeper to pay for student loans in cold Ontario, Canada.

But the universe, it seems, has its own plans. One winter night, at a party VJ didn’t even want to go to, she finds Marco, the boy she left in Dumaguete, Philippines two decades ago.

Marco Ramirez is fresh in town as an international student, hungry to find the fulfillment he’s been looking for. And who should he see, of all people? VJ—the girl who asked him to star in her college film project, the girl with the mischievous eyes, the girl he slowly fell in love with, the girl who ghosted him nineteen years ago.

Marco tries to get closer to VJ again by asking for help navigating his new life. VJ struggles to stay away—after all, she knows what it’s like being in a foreign land.

Will their reunion be a blooper or the sequel that leads to a happy ever after?

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My Quarantine Diary: A Love Story

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Scambitious: The Complete Series

Jane likes to pretend to be other people. Don’t trust her with your money, your things, or your heart.


This edition compiles all four Scambitious stories into one book. Stories must be read in order. 42,900 words.

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Truth or Dare

Nine years in the friend zone. One night to break the rules.

Cassie Flores has been in love with her best friend forever. When she finally dares Santino to make a move, the truth will either break her heart…

…or capture his for good.

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The Doctor Is In Love — a medical romance anthology

Walk along the corridors of Sta. Gianna University Hospital for a glimpse into the lives of its doctors as they heal the sick, serve those in need, and fall in love in this medical romance anthology.

First Cut by Angeli E. Dumatol
The Days of Rain and Flowers by EK Gonzales
Finally Home by Celestine Trinidad
Status: In a Fake Relationship by Suzette de Borja

More info, heat levels and tags in the description below.

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