romanceclass Podcast, episode 6 – Just for the Record by Six de los Reyes

I loved this.

I know what it sounds like — every update is me saying “I loved this” in different ways. That is true, but also, I should say that I took the raw recording of the Just for the Record episode and listened to it a lot. Usually at night, before going to bed, armed with earplugs and everything.

The scene is bittersweet, even out of context. What gets me is Rachel playing this whimsical and sweet, and Gio’s narration is exactly why I’m listening to this like it’s a lullaby. When they recorded this, and they said their final lines, it began to sink in just how sad the scene was, and how sad they made it seem. It was awesome, but then I said it probably shouldn’t be performed live. It’s the kind of thing you want to hear alone, with comfort food, or a blanket.

Go listen, and then join the giveaway!

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