What’s Next: Mango Summer series!

#RomanceClass is a community of Filipino authors of romance in English, and the readers of the books. Over the years, we’ve come up with many activities and ways for readers to discover our books–and also to experience the books we love in a new way.

There’s a lot of interest in Filipino romance content lately—and we’ve been invited to several exciting meetings because of it. The authors all own their rights so everyone gets a chance to take their shot, if they want to. If it works out. After a lot of conversations though, we’re starting to see that some stories may work best when done a certain way, and we’re willing to test that theory. 

We’re making a web series! The first one will be an adaptation of Mango Summer by Agay Llanera, starring Gio Gahol and Gabriela Pangilinan.

So, some questions and answers.

What’s going on?

A four-episode web series adaptation of contemporary romance novel Mango Summer by Agay Llanera, produced by a team led by the RomanceClass community.

What’s the book about?

Mid-thirties and single Fiona is now in charge of the family mango farm, after her mother passes away. Greg is 28, younger brother of Fiona’s best friend, and sent back to the hometown on an errand. Fiona’s dealing with loss, and Greg is going through a lot—but unexpected time together helps them discover love again. The book is on Amazon and KU.

Why a web series?

RomanceClass books are available worldwide, all territories. We’re aware of 16 countries where we have readers. As we finalize the platforms where the series will be available, we know that we’ll prioritize what gets us to all territories where our books and readers are, and that means planning it for web/streaming distribution.

Who’s in the production team?

I will be one of the producers. Layla Tanjutco is adapting the book to web series, with the help of author Agay Llanera. Layla and Agay and several other RomanceClass authors and readers work in film and TV production, so this team is coming together. More names will be joining us soon.

Who’s starring in it?

Theater actors Gio Gahol (Forever Sucks, Care Divas, Rak of Aegis) and Gabriela Pangilinan (Forever Sucks, Sideshow, Beautiful). They’re also frequent live readers at RomanceClass events, cover models, and they happen to be on the cover of Mango Summer. Watch them read a scene from Mango Summer at April Feels Day 2019.

What language will the script and series be in?

Mostly English in terms of dialogue, and with complete English subtitles.

How sexy will the series be?

We want it sexy. We’ve included the love scenes in the series adaptation.

How are you making this happen?

After looking at our options, crowdfunding seems to be the best one, as well as partnerships with platforms that believe in telling stories the same way.

If this works, are you adapting anything next?

If this works (yay) we’ll work on adapting No Two Ways by Chi Yu Rodriguez and The Kitchen When It Sizzles by Chrissie Peria.

How can I help?

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