Hello, Ever After — a web series

Update June 26: Official show page is here
Update May 30: We have funding for 9 episodes! That is all the episodes we have so far! And added “We Will Be Okay” by Celestine Trinidad to episode list in this post. Submissions still open, if you’re interested in writing for the series. Thank you!
Update: Since announcing this, several dozen “cups of coffee” have been bought for the series, at ko-fi.com/minavesguerra. Now the equivalent of funding 3 episodes. Thank you!

We suddenly started a web series. It’s become apparent that our plans for the year are really going to change, so when words happen, and people say yes, we’re just…doing things.

We’ve written—and we’re producing—short videos featuring #RomanceClass characters, checking in on them in the present time. Some stories will mention life in quarantine in some way, some won’t (although the fact that everyone’s on video call should be a big hint). Our actor friends will be joining us, bringing our characters to life in this new way.

This sudden series is something we’re calling Hello, Ever After. I’ve written the first episode, called “Make Good Days,” featuring Rachel Coates as Naya and Raphael Robes as Ben.

Raphael Robes and Rachel Coates as Ben and Naya from Mina V. Esguerra’s ‘What Kind of Day’

You’ll be able to watch the video and read the original scripts when we put them up! Here’s what you can expect so far, including Amazon links to the related books:

Our production team: Mina V. Esguerra, Tania Arpa, Layla Tanjutco, Miles Tan, Ana Tejano, and Tara Frejas.

Totally optional but if this is a thing you want to help us do:

Buy us a ko-fi (or two!) at ko-fi.com/minavesguerra and write “Hello, Ever After” in the message field.

Email mina@romanceclassbooks.com if you have any questions/ suggestions re this!

What about your other planned web series?

The Mango Summer web series is intended as live action, filmed on location, and under the current environment we’ve had to put all planning and production on hold. We want to be able to produce it as intended, when it’s safe to do so.

If you are a web series producer and want to get in touch about the status of this, you can email mina@romanceclassbooks.com with your questions.

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