Buy #RomanceClass Books at Secret HQ

Hello, RomanceClass readers! Starting June 2022, you can buy selected #RomanceClass Books print editions in the Philippines at Secret HQ’s online stores and Komiket’s events. We’re happy to be able to offer this option because we buy from Komiket a lot, and now you can add our romance books to your cart along with the comics and art by local creators we all love.

How will this work? 

  1. You can head over to Secret HQ on Facebook and Shopee, and search for RomanceClass books there, or message them to request to purchase a title. 
  2. You can continue browsing and whenever a title is in stock at Secret HQ, click on the buy links when available to continue your purchase there.

If you need a book that is currently marked “out of stock,” email to request it! Most of our books are print-on-demand so we can arrange for a reprint and send it to you.

If you want to pick up a RomanceClass book at an upcoming Komiket event, email so we can make sure it’s there and ready for you.

Secret HQ/Komiket on Facebook:

Secret HQ/Komiket on Shopee:

Secret HQ/Komiket bookstore:  

For international readers: If a book has an international print edition it’s available on Amazon, Book Depository, Bookshop, and other retailers! 

Thank you for supporting Filipino creators! Enjoy our kilig!

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June 29, 2022

KILIG anthology from RomanceClass and Komiket

June 29, 2022