#RomanceClass2019: Meet the authors

I asked for short introductions from the participating authors. Welcome to #romanceclass!

Hello! I’m Louise De Luna (formerly Eris Penaluna). This is my second time joining romanceclass and I’m very excited for this year’s class and classmates. I’ve written two short stories that are part of anthologies namely The Second One (12 Months of Romance, 24 Reasons To Love) and The Swimming Instructor (Summer Feels).

Czarine Shy – I’ve been wanting to write my own book since I’ve read Harry Potter but never really started because I was too afraid and thought about my architecture career first.

Hi! I’m Fay Sebastian, author of All about That Bass, one of the short stories in the Summer Feels anthology. I am not new to the community, but I joined this class because I always finish ~something when I am “officially enrolled” in Ms. Mina’s classes and #romanceclass2019 means another set of classmates virtually holding hands to submit before the prescribed deadlines. I love cheering for #romanceclass online and I rave about the community whenever I meet someone who shows interest. I keep finding ways to support the #romanceclass fam in every way I can. ❤️

Danice Mae P. Sison – Hi, everyone! I’m Danice, and I am working on a manuscript featuring a main character who has appeared in a previously published work, which was a novella for young adults called “Flipping The Script”. This time, the mom of my main character from that book takes centerstage, so this book I’m writing will be for adult readers (which means sexxy times woohoo!)

Hi, I’m Clara Gamboa. I’m a community fan and reader since 2017 (ish). I’ve contributed a short story for 12 Months of Romance anthology (Ideas of Different There’s and Elsewhere’s). I am obsessed with mythology and fairy tale retellings. It will be my first attempt to finish a manuscript so – haha. I’m both terrified and excited.

Kate Heceta. A card-carrying millennial who likes horror movies, Spanish poetry, and nude lipstick. She enjoys traveling, long walks on the beach, and getting into fights about intersectionality and feminism.

Jannie Harvey. Lover of bacon, books, travel and Arashi. Currently supporting authors with their book goals with online marketing. Hoping to publish her own book someday.

H. Bentham – Hi! I’m Bentch. I’m an author, bookstagrammer, and besfluencer. I’ve contributed short stories to several anthologies, two of which are Summer Feels and Start Here.

Joyce Fernandez – hi! I was part of the first romanceclass but couldn’t move past the second assignment. I hope that I can organize myself enough to do well this time around. I love the romance genre, books/movies/short stories/poems—there’s something about how love isuniversal but also intimate annd unique each time— it makes me feel good inside. Good luck to us all!

Mary Zambales—librarian and voracious reader. Based in California.

S. Lee. I may not be the prettiest nor the smartest, but for sure I’m the sleepiest <– the quote that describes me best. XD I’m defying social norms by doing usual group activities by myself. I have the checklist somewhere…

I am Clare Elisabeth Marquez. I’m a proud member and supporter of the #romanceclass community, author of Simply Joei (Anvil) and Just Kate (indie pub), love all things feline, fashion and fabulousness. I’m looking forward to the next three months of re-kindling my romance with the written words.

Daryl Figura-Yasis (not getting any younger but I don’t want to cease pursuing my passion: to be able to write the story/book I’ve been longing to do).

Meesh Salazar. I am mostly a creative non-fiction writer although I also enjoy writing short stories. I started writing when I was fourteen years old (I wrote really awful fanfictions back then) and though I have tried, I never really finished writing a novel. So here I am, hoping that I will find the inspiration and encouragement to finish writing a novel through #romanceclass.

Hi, guys! Please call me J (I have yet to decide on my pen name, sorry). I have been published before but I stopped writing when I had a bout of depression. I’ve been trying to finish a story ever since but it’s become an uphill struggle for me. I started joining #romanceclass in 2013 but sadly, I have yet to finish a story. I hope to change all that this year. I’m so happy to be with you guys, here’s to a successful writing run. Cheers!

Andrea Pag-ong. I’m a creative writing major still struggling to finish my thesis. I’ve always wanted to write a Romance novel or novella, and this is me taking that leap.

Hello #romanceclass community, I’m Nyx Santos and I’m joining #romanceclass2019. I just got out of my reading slump which lasted for almost a year, my writer’s block seem to last forever but now I’m trying to write again. I currently enjoy running half-marathons which I must say is very fulfilling everytime I reached the finish line. So here’s to hoping that I could really really make it till the end of the class and finally be a #romanceclass finisher.

Hello, I’m Miel Salva, proud member of the #romanceclass community and avid fan of its authors. I’m not new to the workshops and have finished several manuscripts because of it. My life has drastically changed since last year and I don’t want to bite more than I can chew. But I also don’t want to let go of the opportunity without trying. So I signed up again for this year’s workshop. Good luck to all of us!

Marge Serrano – Marge writes and feels too much…or sometimes not at all. She’s a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s a new Korean drama to watch or a new release from Taylor Swift. When she’s not reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably binge-watching too much crime/legal dramas, singing in the karaoke, dreaming of Chris Evans, capturing perfect moments, or drowning in coffee to keep herself sane while working.

Kate Anolin: So sorry for the late introduction, but hi everyone! It’s good to join everyone here again and to be in romanceclass yet again for the second time. I’m a hopeless romantic maybe that’s why I love reading and writing romance. I love writing alternate endings for other people’s stories. I write Tagalog short stories & poems also. I believe in astrology.

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