#RCReadathon2020 – Prompt & Pairing, Please Compilation

Here is a compilation of all the ficlets participating RomanceClass authors did for #RCReadathon2020’s Prompt & Pairing, Please Challenge. Enjoy!

망해쓰 (I’m Ruined) by Tara Frejas

Yihwan X Yoojung / “Make a mess of me.”

First Meeting by Jay E. Tria

Jill x Rhys / “Nobody asked but here it is anyway”

That Was When He Knew by Bianca Mori

Natalia X Nicky / “That was when he knew”

Man of the House by Tara Frejas

Isagani, Datu, and Pio Alvez / (Another case of “No one asked for this but here it is anyway”)

30th by Jay E. Tria

Jill X Shinta / Shinta plans Jill’s 30th birthday party

Dream Destination by Ana Tejano

Rain X Mark / Roadtrip or Rain and Mark on their first intl travel together as a couple

Clean Up on Aisle D by Six de los Reyes

Jett X Adrian / Comic con and fun banter / laughs every time they see anything star wars

we have plenty of time by Six de los Reyes

Phylle X Dax / 365247 by DAY6

Safe, For Now by Celestine Trinidad

Cris X Nathan / “Pre-med days— a chance encounter, like ships passing in the night. They didn’t know yet how much they would come to mean to each other.”

Rush Hour by Brigitte Bautista

Jo X Liza / Exes to lovers, partially set at an MRT station or pila ng toda + Miss You by Gabrielle Aplin

Breakfast in Bed by Tara Frejas

Yoojung X Yihwan / Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Always on Sunday by Suzette de Borja

Kelly X (Tito) Joaquin / Tito Joaquin vs. Technology

Baking Practice by Ana Tejano

Cams X Gabriel / Cams joins a televised baking competition, and Gabriel is her supportive stage boyfriend.

and then they were roommates by Six de los Reyes

Jett X Rhys / Friends secretly attracted to each other + “Don’t mangoes increase the length and intensity of your orgasms?”

First Sunrise by the Beach by Jay E. Tria

Kris X Ringo / Kris and Ringo at the beach, may or may not be during Summer Crush

Something Meeting by Six de los Reyes

Jill X Rhys / Again, a case of “no one asked for this, but you’re welcome”

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September 5, 2020